Review for Denki-gai no Honya-san Vol.10

Review for Denki-gai no Honya-san Vol.10

978-4040675589Finally there was a new volume of this series out! It is one of my favourite manga to read.

And this one was again a big hit. We get lots of development for various characters. Like Hio-tan x Director, Sensei/Massy getting her debut (though she still has a lot to learn), a date between Rotty and Sommelier, and several other things that happened at the store (and outside of it).

I did like the idea of a maid cafe, and I was looking forward to seeing what happened, and let me tell you I wasn’t disappointed at all. Of course everything goes totally random and weird quite fast. Poor girls, and I just laughed so hard at Umio and what happened to him. His girlpower is so high, but he is still a pervert in the end. 😛

I was really proud of Sensei finally debuting, it only took 10 volumes and x time passing by. I do hope that she is able to make more manga after this one, and not that it ends already. She does an amazing job, definitely deserving to be more known to the public. Of course she still has much to learn as we see in the story.

The date between Rotty and Sommelier. While they do make a nice couple, I am still a bit creeped out by it, especially considering how Sommelier just keeps on losing his clothes. But I was still happy to see some progress between those characters.

And then we have some other chapters in between those stories. I loved reading them, I had a laugh when that foreigner girl popped up and what they had to do to understand here. 😛

The art is still fabulous, if anything it does seem to get better with each volume.

All in all, I loved this volume. I would highly recommend this one, and I will be hoping for a new volume soon.


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