Review for Diary of a Haunting

Review for Diary of a Haunting

24885765Creepy, haunting, unsettling, definitely great!

I tried this book some time ago on my ereader, I couldn’t get through it, not at all. And then some time ago I found the book in hardcover for a bargain price, and while I knew I didn’t like it on my ereader, I still wanted to try it out, this time in a physical form. I finally was in the mood for some horror and decided to read it. I fell in love with the book. The book clearly suffered from what I would call: tried-it-before-on-ereader-hated-it-but-then-found-the-physical-book-and-loved-it-case. It is not the first time that I tried a book on my ereader, didn’t like it and dropped it, but then found a physical copy and loved it when I read that. I still have no clue how this works, it is a bit strange, but I am also happy that I still get to enjoy the book.

And enjoy I did. This book was fantastic. It is written as a diary/journal. It is not always that this form works, sometimes it feels forced, or fake, but this one, I could just imagine the girl behind it. Sitting in the kitchen or if it is possible in her room (the internet is wonky, for reasons), typing away. Telling us about her life, about her new home, and also about the strange occurrences that happen there. She tells us about her worries, her fights with her mom (I really didn’t like the mom that much, she was a typical mom in a horror book, or the typical secondary character in a horror movie/book), about her brother, and of course about the weather (I did love reading about how shocked she was at more snow, and about other stuff, it made the book just seem so normal).

I never did trust the house from the beginning. But then again, I am sure I was supposed to, so it doesn’t really count. I do have to say that this book doesn’t use scare tactics, you won’t see a big spook scaring you in the midst of the night. Oh no, this book does it way more effective to give you goosebumps. There are mysterious happenings, our main girl’s brother doing very creepy things, spiders and flies, and voices, and some other stuff. I do have to say that while I love scares, I think I love this kind of horror more. It is unsettling, it is creepy, and it really gets in your skin. With each passing page, with each event happening, you will get more and more creeped out, and you really want to know what the hell is going on in that house.

What happened in the house, or to the house, well, I have to say that was really interesting, and I loved it. We slowly find out more and more, and in the end all the puzzle pieces click together to form one big puzzle.

I loved the ending especially, what a twist. I had my suspicions, well actually lingering feeling that something was amiss, but it wasn’t until the ending that I knew what. Really, the ending was just amazing and I have to say it still shocked me. No, I won’t tell anything, of course, but wow. Just wow.

The mom, well with the ending a lot is explained about her behaviour, and maybe not everything is as it seems, but I still didn’t like her. She was acting how you would see many people react and act in horror movies/horror books/etc. They don’t believe it, they will treat you as crazy, they will just think you did all of it. It is one thing that I really find frustrating. Often there is enough proof, but they will still not believe everything, only a part, or even nothing in the worst case. And yes, I can imagine why they would, I might even do the same should such a situation arise, but I wish that we would have more characters that just believed.

The mom was one of the two characters I didn’t entirely like. Professor Verano was the other. I can’t say why I don’t like him, as that would spoil things.

The book is also filled with photographs here and there. Nothing truly scary, but still it was a bit creepy and it gave atmosphere to the book (not that it needed that, it was unsettling enough).

All in all, this is one book that I would recommend to all. Be sure to have the hardcover, my version has a removable jacket which removes the girl in the corner when you lift it which makes the cover even creepier. I would say something about the girl, but I don’t want to spoil. 🙂


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