Review for Draw It! Colour It! Beasts

Review for Draw It! Colour It! Beasts

31936094The second book in the Draw it! Colour it! series. A whole batch of illustrators, some new, some that also worked with the previous book.

Of course I had to have this one, some of my favourite illustrators are in there! I just couldn’t wait what they created for this book. Was it something fun, something amazing? The answer, yes, my favourite artists sure went all out for this book again.

Like with the previous book I am not going to draw, or colour in, this book. I mostly got this book for the collection of illustrations by fabulous illustrators. Plus it is not like I can draw that well. Maybe one day I will colour in stuff at least. For now, it is going on my shelf next to his friend.

Some artists really went all out with what they drew, while some were a bit disappointing. I am sure they worked hard as well, but sorry, some of the pages were really lacking.

I do love how the illustrators often tempt, and try to engage readers to make something, to add something to their art. For instance they draw a bear being afraid. But what is he afraid of, and you will have to draw that, it can be anything, and that is really fun. There is no right or wrong!

I also had fun adding this book (and also back then the other book) to Goodreads, though adding the artists was just sooo much work. x.x

All in all, I do hope they will be making a third book. Hopefully with some new artists (I can think of a few I wouldn’t mind seeing). I will be waiting eagerly.

And of course, I would highly recommend this book to everyone. For those who love these illustrators, for those who love to draw something fun to something, or to those just wanting to colour stuff, there is something for everyone!


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