Review for I’m with Cupid

Review for I’m with Cupid

22400478So I finally had a chance to read this book, I have bought it some months ago for a bargain price, but until 2 days ago just wasn’t in the mood for it.

But then I was, and then I just flew through the book. It was really good, it was awesome! Now I hear you say, why if it is so awesome did you only rate it 3.5 stars? Marcus. Marcus is always the answer. I just disliked him so much. I couldn’t give a care in the world for his family stuff (though yes, I was frustrated with the dad). I disliked how he treated Lena, how he trusted that date book a bit too much. Sorry, but you kissed 3 times, I know, but those were all dares/forced kisses, that doesn’t make someone your girlfriend, why are you so shocked when you see that she likes someone else. Are you that blind that you can’t see she is not into you (at least in the beginning)? But no, we had to read all about his creepiness. Also his constant boohooing about the reaper stuff also got slightly annoying.
He did improve very much later on, so I will definitely be reading the second book, because I want to know what will happen between these 2 characters.

Lena was a pretty fun girl, though her stubbornness about love got a bit too much, but then again, if you heard from your scientist dad that love is nothing but some stuff, and that it doesn’t exist, and if you hear that from little kid to now, I can imagine she might not be able to think anything else. It wouldn’t be the first time that a kid blindly believes what her parents tell her. Especially when it is years of hearing it.
I was also amazed at the fact that she couldn’t see how stiff she was being on stage. How she needed to hear it from more people before she finally started realising it.
But the same goes for her, she changes, and thankfully way faster than Marcus. It was a fun change to see, I hope she can be even more open and more happy in the future.
I was also interested more in her family life. I was so rooting for her dad and Marguerite to be together. That family definitely deserves some love and happiness again.

The idea of people having powers was the main reason why I picked up this book. Reapers? Cupids? Yes, yes please! It sounded so perfectly fun, and I couldn’t wait what the book meant for those things. Would Lena have a scythe? Would Marcus be shooting some kind of invisible arrows? How did they know who needed them?
And now after reading I know all the answers to it, and more!
I loved the idea that they swapped their powers and all the chaos that came with it. It was interesting how they found out, and how they tried getting their powers back to themselves.

Also definite plus-points to the title of this book. 😛

All in all, I flew through the book, and I would also still recommend it to people as it was a fun ride. With magic, with some budding romance, with realistic stuff (divorces, death, bullying).


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