Review for Jinks and O’Hare Funfair Repair

Review for Jinks and O’Hare Funfair Repair

28927603They did it again. Philip Reeve and Sarah McIntyre wrote and illustrated yet another book that was fun, delightful, and just unputdownable.

Yes, this book will grab you from the first page, and then hold you until the last page. Even when you have to sleep (because you fall asleep), you will be thinking about this book as you fall asleep, and when you wake up it will be the first thing again. 😛

The book is about Emily and her life on Funfair Moon. Yes, that is right, this girl lives on a moon that is full of funfair things. From rollercoasters to candy floss, to helter skelters (or skelter helters) to giant ducky catching things. The moon is full of stuff for everyone, big, small, tiny. Everyone can come and enjoy the funfair.
And Emily lives smack-dab in there, she was found as an egg (yes, don’t even ask) and when she hatched she got adopted.
She has one big wish and that is to be part of the Jinks and O’Hare Funfair Repair team. She knows she can do it, she really wants to, she tries to help them, but Jinks (mostly him at least) doesn’t want it, he thinks she is too young. Luckily she will have a chance to proof herself in this book, in a really fun way.

Because this book is all about 1 day. Yes, I can hear you think, just 1 day? Wow. It starts with Emily waking up, stuff is breaking down (mysteriously), an inspector pops by (for no reason), and thus begins a rollercoaster of a day. With mysteries, problems to solve, and Emily is working really hard and I was so happy and impressed by what she all did. She never once did stop, she just continued. I loved seeing what she all did in that day. She is really smart, resourceful, and a fun character.

But it was also a delight to see Jinks and O’Hare, and all the other characters. We sure got a diverse cast, and I just loved all of them. Oh wait, no, I didn’t like that inspector guy. Dear Lord, he was terrible. Yes, he was worse than that overlord Krull that popped by. 😛

We read and see about most, if not all, attractions on the moon, and I can say that I was just dying to dive into the book and just go to that moon. I wanted to go in that Skelter Helter, I wanted to go on the rollercoasters, I wanted to visit the ghosts.

The whodunnit (as there is a lot of breaking down happening and that isn’t normal) was fun, and also very cute (at least at the end, that is all I will say).

The ending was brilliant, and I was happy for everyone, most of all for Emily. She sure deserved that after all that happened. Miss Weebly quickly became another favourite character of mine. She started off a bit meek, but wow, she sure became awesome.

I also loved seeing characters from other books (or art) by this duo pop up. From the Dartmoor Pony, to the pugs and the monkeys, to the cake monsters. It was a feast to see them all head to the Funfair Moon and have a great day out.

The art was (of course) fabulous. I just love Sarah McIntyre’s style of drawing, she has such a fun one.

Would I recommend this book? Oh yes I would! This is one that everyone should read.


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