Review for King Baby

Review for King Baby

31285827As soon as I heard that Kate Beaton would have a new picture book out, I knew I had to have it. I love her art, and I also loved her previous picture book: The Princess and the Pony.

This book is all about a baby who thinks he is a king, he acts like that as well, but sadly, as you can imagine his royal subjects (aka his parents and family) can’t understand him until he is a bit older. Until then he will be getting the wrong things for stuff he asks (like he wants his ducky, but gets a ball instead). Which just was hilarious to see, how frustrated he got, and decided to do it by himself.
I wasn’t annoyed at all with the king baby, since I know babies, and I know they can be pretty demanding, so giving one a crown like this, perfection.

I loved all the Hail the King, and all the stuff that the kid said in his mind (since he couldn’t talk).

I loved that we got to see him grow up from baby to little kid. With a little crown on top, of course!

What happens after he grows up to be a bit bigger and more independent? He wonders and worries about his royal subjects, but luckily there is a solution, and an adorable at that.

The art was perfection. It was cute, it fitted perfectly. Kate Beaton has a wonderful style of drawing.

This book is definitely a recommendation for everyone.


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