Review for Mighty Jack

Review for Mighty Jack

27414473As soon as this one came in yesterday I went to reading it, I just had to, I have wanted the book since it got announced!

And did I like it? Oh yes I did, though I absolutely despised the ending. I already had a niggling feeling that it would get a sequel (with how the story pans out, and how you see things escalated but the pages kept dwindling), but I just kept hoping I was wrong. 🙁

But other than that I just adored the story. It is not only a story about a magical garden, about dragons, about monsters, but it is also a story with a hint of sadness. Jack’s mom working overtime just to be able to provide for her kids, Jack’s sister Maddy not saying anything and acting way belong her age. I did love the contrast though, and with all this I can imagine why Jack might act the way he did in the book (he was at times a grumpy teenager).

The garden was really interesting, though I wouldn’t want one. No thank you. Not that I have a place for a garden (I live high up), but if I had one, I will just go for cute little flowers and not deadly monsters of doom. No thank you. 😛 Those big snails really are a big no-no.
I am still curious as to why Jack was chosen to get the garden (or actually his sister Maddy was). I do hope we get some more answers in the next book.

I also loved the cameos that happened in the book. 😛

Lily/Lilly, I am still not sure what to think of her. At times I really liked her, but at other times I just wanted to throw her for some deadly plant in the garden. I didn’t like what she did (with the garden), and how she acted even when stuff really got dangerous. But I did like her sword-fighting, and how she helped Jack with Maddy. I also love her bravery.

Jack was a great character, even with (as I said) his grumpiness. But he was also a terrific guy, a great brother. Always there for his sister, trying to help her out, trying to get her to eat, to talk. He doesn’t give up.

Maddy, I am still not sure about the character. Maybe if I had gotten more information on her, maybe if I knew what was going on with her, for now I was mostly annoyed with her baby-ish character and the fact she never talked.

The art is of course fabulous. 🙂

All in all, I would definitely recommend this one, though I do wish the second book will be out soon. 😛


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