Review for Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur Vol.1: BFF

Review for Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur Vol.1: BFF

27415869The cover was the thing that lured me into reading this one. Dinosaurs? Um, yes please! A little girl seemingly not afraid of a big, giant, red, T-rex? More yes please!

And I am really pleased with this series/book. I was so worried that it would turn out to be yet another comic/graphic novel with a magical backstory that is never said, told, or mentioned, but we as readers just have to magically grasp. But I didn’t have to worry with this one. Sure, it still felt like we missed a little bit, but not much. I could fully grasp the story, and I was delighted with Lunella.

Lunella was a brave, inventive, curious, smart, fun girl who knew what she wanted and definitely wasn’t going to let anything stop her from doing it. No sirree, not even a T-rex, not even Hulk, oh no, not even a gang of Killer Folk. No one can stop this girl, and I was just so delighted. Go go girl!
I loved her at school, though I did feel terribly sorry that she is so smart and stuck at a school with boring lessons, teachers who don’t understand, kids who call her names (though they do seem to have some respect for her, especially later on).
I did worry about her though, especially when we find out certain things about her DNA. I also worried about her wandering off through the night. I wouldn’t want a kid wandering my (comparatively small city) at night, I don’t even want to think about the city where Lunella lives. shivers
Also btw, I just adore Lunella’s hair and what she does with it. <3

Though I have to say I don’t believe it that Lunella is only 9. She doesn’t look, or act like it. I know she is a genius, and that might cause some disparities, but I would rather say that Lunella is 11/12.

The dinosaur? I adored it. It was so cute, so kick-ass. Yes, I said cute. Have you ever seen a T-rex purr? Or make cute noises when confused or sad? Or lick someone when they are happy to see them? Well, yeah, that is what happens with this T-rex when he becomes good friends with Lunella (though I am not sure if Lunella sees him as that, but I guess she does considering she does care for him and does a lot for him).

The Killer Folk? Meh. I know they have a role, and I know which one, but I couldn’t stop being frustrated at them.

Oh, and I definitely have to give bonuspoints to hunky Hulk. His human-form is just dayum! Though I have to say his Hulk-form is also that. Oh la la la!
I also loved his banter with Lunella, and how he did try to help her out, even though it wasn’t really the best way.


There are still a lot of things I would love to see in this world, so I will definitely keep an eye out for the next volume. Hopefully it comes out soon. 🙂

Ah yes, the art, I really liked that one. There was a great lot of details, and I loved how Lunella, the Hulk, and the dinosaur were drawn!

All in all, I would highly recommend this comic to everyone!


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