Review for My New Best Friend

Review for My New Best Friend

29430538I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

This wasn’t entirely what I was expecting when I saw the book at Netgalley. I kind of expected this to be an imaginary friend tale, instead… well I can’t really spoil that since it is only revealed at the ending (though you can easily guess it from the start).

The story was a bit bland, and I found myself flicking through the pages (reading them, looking at the illustrations, but doing it in a bored way), instead of enjoying the tale of a girl who has someone who is always there, I was just wondering if there would be more to it. That we would see other situations then just stuff where that person (I will call it that, for spoiler sake) is needed.

The art was a bit weird, it wasn’t entirely to my liking. I did get used to it more than I did when I first opened the book on my tablet, but still not a liking.

I did like the message of the book, and also the last part after the illustrations. It was a nice touch to add that.

All in all, I am not sure I would recommend it. It is a positive, and quite sweet book, but also quite a bit boring and bland.


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