Review for Nuts in Space

Review for Nuts in Space

22110026Read this one in Dutch, but I will will be writing a review in English.

So I recently discovered Elys Dolan on Twitter, I fell in love with her art and decided to go on a quest to read all her books (both her own works, and those she co-authored/just illustrated). Most will be bought as the libraries here don’t really have her works, or like Library #1 just have one book and in Dutch.

This book was such a delight, and I laughed at all that happened. This motley crew is searching for some super-special nuts, when we enter the story they found them, and this book is all about their journey home, and the struggle not to eat those nuts. You see they are out of food storage and they are terribly hungry. Especially Squirrel can’t keep himself from drooling over the nuts.
Now you would say, ah, well they will just be home soon. Yes, if they even knew where there home was again. 😛
You see them visit all sorts of planets, get in all sorts of trouble which made me laugh so hard. Those poor guys, they truly have no luck.

The ending just made me laugh (especially since I hadn’t expected that character to do that), though it also felt a bit futile. So they are just going to do x again? Shouldn’t they go to y to get some food at least? Or is this just me that I was scratching my head and being a bit confused at it all?

Unlike most picture books this has its pages stuffed with a lot of stuff, believe me, you won’t just be able to look at the pictures and read the story, there is a lot going on and you do need to follow a certain route to read them.

The art, well as I said I love Elys Dolan’s art. 🙂

Also I loved the introduction at the beginning of the book, especially the Fox one made me laugh because of how he looked at that chicken. Who thought that was a good idea? 😛

Their outfits (on the cover, but also in the book) reminded me of Star Trek.

All in all, I would recommend this book to everyone.


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