Review for Odd Socks

Review for Odd Socks

25324118Odd socks is a lovely, sweet book about a pair of socks and what happens when they lose each other because of a hole.

It happens to everyone’s socks, one day they get a hole, and what do you do with your socks then? Throw them away? Save them? Do something else with them? With this story in mind, I might not throw one of them away, but instead both of them, or save them.

Because in this story the socks are in love, they are partners, and it was super cute to see them talk, to see them enjoy their days together, to see them snuggle up in the evening. And then when stuff went wrong, to see the male sock search for his female lover. Poor socks. But also poor slippers, yes, I know, different kind, but apparently even slippers are a couple.

The journey to find his wife, and the surprise at the end, I just loved both of it. I was already worried that we wouldn’t get a happy ending, after all most people just throw away the socks. I won’t say anything else, you will have to find out the ending by yourself.

The art is pretty good, it fit the book perfectly. I liked the colours used in it. The way the socks looks was great.

All in all, an imaginative book about socks, about love, about journeys to find your loved one. Recommended to everyone!


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