Review for Prince of Pants

Review for Prince of Pants

29972040I laughed my pants off with this book! It was brilliant, bright (like someone set loose the fluorescent/neon markers), and fabulous.

This won’t be a really long review.

As soon as I found out Sarah McIntyre would be illustrating a new picture book I knew I had to have it, just for that alone. And then I saw the title and fell in love even further.

The book is about a little prince who loves pants (underpants). He has got all sorts of pants in his drawer. It is his birthday, but what is this? Where is his favourite pants? And so the story begins of our little prince asking everyone in the castle about his pants. I really loved seeing the castle, and the grounds, but also all the various people who worked and lived in the castle. From the queen (she looked so awesome) to the maid and the guards.

Of course as the story goes on you can see various hints (and pants) in a lot of places. I had fun seeing all the different kinds of pants. From bright to normal coloured. With patterns and without.

The ending was a delight, and I was happy for the prince. Hip hip hooray, have a wonderful birthday!

The art was, of course, fabulous. Though it was also really really bright. 😛 Not that I minded it that much, but just a bit of a warning that you may be blinded. 🙂

All in all, this was a terrific book and I enjoyed it a whole lot. Highly recommended!


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