Review for Strawberry Shortcake Vol.1: Return of the Purple Pieman

Review for Strawberry Shortcake Vol.1: Return of the Purple Pieman

30027073I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

This was really cute, fun, and lovely. I used to be a big fan of Strawberry Shortcake, though it has been years and years since I last saw something about her, so imagine my delight when I saw this comic on Netgalley. I knew I just had to try it out and see if it was still as fun.

And was it? Yes, definitely! It was a bit confusing, especially with how the first story connected with the second one (the first one is about the anniversary of the cafe, while the second one takes places weeks/months afterwards (considering the hair colour of Strawberry) and is all about the contest and the Purple Pieman). Luckily the second story just keeps going and thus I could enjoy it a lot more and wasn’t as much confused as I was at the beginning.

And the story was great fun, the contests, the making of food, Strawberry’s friends who cheered for her and were there for her when she needed them.
It was also fun to see them travel, and go to a city which I just loved. It fitted perfectly with the story and also the land where Strawberry lives.

Though I did hate the Purple Pieman and all he did. Maybe he was a good baker, but his attitude, phew, it stank so much, even more than those Durians Strawberry had to do with in the contest. It is a shame that stuff is allowed, especially during the first round I was quite disgusted that they allowed that crap. The ending (the last page in fact) meh, I hated it. Didn’t like seeing that.

The art was really fabulous. The eyes were a bit weird, but other than that I loved how stuff was drawn. It is also really colourful, which I love. 🙂 Then again it would be weird if a Strawberry Shortcake story was all drab and gloomy.

All in all, I would recommend this comic to everyone. It is fun, it is sweet, and for me also meant a nostalgia trip.


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