Review for That’s Not Funny!

Review for That’s Not Funny!

2691098I spotted this little picture book at Library #3 and decided to read it as I couldn’t take more books with me (already had the max amount of 12).

And I am quite glad that I didn’t pick this book to come with me. A character like that, an ending like this. I was hoping for a lesson to be learned, I was hoping for the MC to see the light, but I guess that just wasn’t in the planning.

Everyone of us has laughed once or more times at other people’s misery, or mishaps, but we are not like this main character who laughs at EVERYTHING and ANYTHING at ANY TIME. Yes, he enjoys it. Yes, he loves other people’s misery. Yes, he looks forward to it even. It was just a bit too creepy and a bit too much for me.

The ending was sudden, and it felt like something was missing. I wasn’t even laughing at what happened to the main character, and then that happens. Yeah, no. It felt a bit like a page or more were missing from my book.

All in all, it wasn’t that good, and that was a shame. It looked so much fun. The art looked interesting (and luckily still was that throughout the book), but there is much missing, and then I am not even talking about the MC. 😐 But in a way the title resonated with me in the end, because yes, that’s not funny. 1.5 stars, mostly for the art.


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