Review for The Clockwork Dragon

Review for The Clockwork Dragon

23023025My third book in the Elys Dolan quest! I spotted this gem in the bookstore (Magics!) and went squee. Yes, I went squee in a store. 😛

This book is all about a little boy who instead of making clocks wants to make toys. Of course he gets fired at his workplace but then finds a nice new job: Dragon hunting. Or specifically one dragon that is terrorising the surrounding area. And thus the story really begins, a story of inventing things, of being creative, smart, and I just love the boy, and also the girl. They were brave, they were smart, and they didn’t give up when things went wrong for a bit.

Their plan to get rid of the dragon was just brilliant and I loved it. If you can’t beat him being a knight, then think of something different! Think bigger, think grander.

It also seemed the dragon was either not that smart, or he has gotten cocky and thought he couldn’t be beaten.

The ending was cute, and I was delighted with what happened there. Haha, no no spoilers. You will have to check out the book yourself to see what it is about.

This was quite a delight and I would recommend it to everyone. Smart, inventive kids + dragons = lots of fun.


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