Review for The Doughnut of Doom

Review for The Doughnut of Doom

tumblr_ob85ipai8f1rbh0nio1_1280OMG this was just brilliant! I loved all the puns, the giant doughnut, and everything else!

This is my next Elys Dolan book, I am still making my way through all her books (even those she only illustrated). How can one resist a giant doughnut of doom, indeed, I had to read it!

This book is full to the brim with food puns, jokes, and more. I just laughed so hard when I saw them pass by, even my boyfriend laughed his butt off when I showed him a few of them. 😛

I loved how everything started normal, until, BOOM! Giant Doughnut (with pink frosting and of course a lovely heap of sprinkles) starts ruining the town and eating everyone! Yes, even the vegetables! Yes, even the spicy food!

Our reporter (loved her name and her dedication) is hot on the case and is doing everything she can to find a solution, and when she does? Wow! That is a dangerous solution, and I am amazed that she is willing to go through with it.

The ending was a delight and I laughed even more. She never can have a moment of rest, can she now? 😛

Wonderful setting, great characters, evil villain, giant monster, puns, what more could one want? Ah, yes, I forgot to mention the lovely illustrations.

All in all, I really enjoyed this book! I would definitely recommend it to everyone!


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