Review for The Gathering

Review for The Gathering

28691933This was already one of my most anticipated book of 2016, but after reading it… it has become my favourite series. I just want to know what is going to happen to the children, I want to know what is wrong with the house.

The book also comes with an app which will tell you more about the house. I still have to complete the app’s story, but I am still stuck on the first story as I just want to get the options perfectly right. 😛 The app is just as creepy as the book is, with music and animations that suddenly pop up. o.0

Now back to the book. The book, is, seriously, creepy as hell. Really. I was reading it and I just had to switch to another book because it was nighttime and I couldn’t sleep, and well, after reading this one I definitely felt like I couldn’t sleep any more. The book’s twists and turns are already awesome, but add to that the awesome power of photography. Really, you would be reading, flip page and come eye to eye with a scary thing. Nope, nope, nope!

We have 5 different characters (Azumi, Marcus, Poppy, and the twins Dash and Dylan). Each chapter will be about one of them. I am always a bit worried about how it will turn out, but I have to say that the author did a perfect job on them. Each character feels different, yet also a bit of the same (they do have a connection after all), and I just loved how the chapters were done. I was invested in each of these characters. Sure, I had my favourites (Poppy and Azumi), but I liked all of them in the end.
Each of them have a tragic story to go with their life. Poppy doesn’t have family (+ sees a girl in the mirror no matter where she goes), Azumi lost her sister, Marcus life also isn’t the easiest considering his music brings back bad memories for his mother, the twins? Well you will have to find that one out yourself. I won’t say anything about that, as that is a huge spoiler (though if you are like me you will have a feeling about it from the moment we see them, the moment the first hint is dropped).

They all come together in the Shadow House, and quickly find out the house isn’t friendly. They find out they can’t leave. They find out that stuff is going oh so wrong in this place. It is a creepy house, and it wants them.
I loved the house, even if it was creepy as hell. I loved the fact it changed rooms, changed shape, changed everything when you think you might know what is happening. It was a creepy delight.

Then we have the 5 antagonists (or are they?) and I was really interested in those 5. They have a connection with the 5 protagonists, but they are way more deadly, and they are super-creepy. Really, every time one popped up out of the shadows I just wanted to run away. 😛

Even though this book is a book 1, and even though it does end open-ended, I do have to say that it did feel like a whole book (maybe this doesn’t make sense, but I have read some first books that felt like someone wrote 1 big book and randomly cut 3 books from it). It was a great introduction to a series.

All in all, this book is a creepy rollercoaster and it was definitely wow. I would highly recommend this book to those in need for a creepy read (it is almost Halloween, and this book would fit perfectly for that season). Be sure to also check out the app!


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