Review for The Haunting of Graham House

Review for The Haunting of Graham House

I was reading this author’s other book: The Haunting of Blackwood House, and I couldn’t stand it. Sorry. Mara’s independence was nice, but it was so over-the-top that she just turned out to be a big bitch who constantly chewed out her sweet, caring, lovely boyfriend.
But when I skipped through the book to see what would happen at the end, I spotted this short story which you could download/get through mail.

Of course I had to check it out. See if it was better than the first book about Mara. And I have to say, surprise, surprise, that it was. It was a short story, so it is over quickly, but it was a fun little one. It also felt complete, unlike a lot of short stories which often feel like there is something missing, or that it is a prelude to something bigger that never got written.

The book is about Mara, Erica, Damian, and Neil’s job. They remove spirits from homes. Erica and Mara are mediums, Neil is there for research and back-up, and Damian is for the contracts. This time they head to a home that is supposedly haunted. It was really interesting to see what happened in the house, and also what it turned out to be, but most surprising, and great, was the ending to it all.

I wouldn’t mind more stories like this about this job, and see what they encounter. Mara was at least bearable in this short story, which was a breath of relief for me. I also like Erica a lot.

I will still try out the author’s different books (that aren’t about Mara) since they do fit my mood perfectly. I am in the mood for some creepy books.


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