Review for The Little Adventurers and Leafy, the Pet Leaf

Review for The Little Adventurers and Leafy, the Pet Leaf

30051309Awww, this was just as adorable as I hoped it would be!

It all starts with our group of kids going to their HQ (yes, these kids have their own HQ) and celebrating pets day. Sadly, Shadow, Sprat’s pet, isn’t showing up, and Sprat has to make up a pet. He picks a leaf, and calls it (what else) Leafy. But Leafy isn’t an easy pet, though Sprat does his best to show everyone how awesome the pet leaf is. I really loved his dedication, and his standard sentence when Leafy did something: Oh, Leafy. 😛

I also liked the other kids and their pets. Especially Peanut was awesome. You don’t find many girls who like mice, so I was delighted that her pet was a cute little mouse!
Floss was quite nice, though I am not a big fan of bossy, know-it-all characters, and Floss did some stuff that was pretty bossy/know-it-all.
Finnegan and his pet and his dreams for his pet were terrific. Hopefully those dreams can come true.

The book is all about the pets, but it ends on a lovely, leafy tone. I won’t spoil much, but I was definitely delighted with the ending. I can just imagine how happy Sprat must have been, finally his friends got it! Finally his friends were on his side. \o/

I definitely am hoping there will be more books about our Little Adventurers and their adventures/daily stuff. I would read them all!

The art is just fabulous, the style is really cute and fits perfect with the story and the characters.
I also love how the book is formatted, it is really playful, though it took me some getting used to at times, especially those parts where the kids told about their pets (where you expect the story to continue on the same page, but then the picture under it would be about a new part).

But all in all, this was a highly entertaining book about pets, about adventures, about imagination, and about friendship. Highly recommended!


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