Review for The Loneliness of Distant Beings

Review for The Loneliness of Distant Beings

25874097The book was quite slow, it took me 3 days to read this one.

However it was a good book with lots of romance, sci-fi, mystery, and much much more. The book reminded me of Beth Revis’ Across the Universe or Kass Morgan’s The 100. Both of those and this one have messed up systems in check to keep people to do what the bosses wants. In this one: if you don’t cooperate? Well have fun either forever locked up (and/or treated as a crazy person) or death. Don’t want to marry the one you need to marry? Suck it up, science made the match did it so it must be good. 😐 Of course you can imagine people will rebel against this system, but the consequences are quite high.
And like always, they do like to lie about things to keep people in check and not make them want to leave the ship.

When we meet our MC she is just graduating from her Education, she is about to be partnered up with the guy she is supposed to stay with forever. She is already not really happy (of course, I would be the same knowing you are never going to get of the ship. Never seeing something else than metal and steel. Knowing you will have to cooperate. Knowing you are forced to be with someone you might not like), and she is already quite a rebel.
As we see the story unfold, as we see her fall in love with someone who is not her intended guy, I just knew this was bound to go wrong, but oh did I cheer for these two. People should deserve love, I can imagine why they are matching people, but I would think that you should also allow love to happen. It is not as if you can just stop love.

The book was quite a rollercoaster of love, of fear, of hope, of tears. Family, friends, seeing Seren grow up (I know it is only a few months, but they are filled with so many things that she does grow up), see her rebel against things (and not entirely in the right way), see how the system is just bad, it might work for some people, but we do find out various stories were this system is just not working. 🙁

The guy she fell in love with? Oh boy, I loved that guy, he was sweet, he was kind, he was lovely. He cared about Seren, and yes, he tried so hard to fight his feelings, but you saw it was a futile fight. He couldn’t fight love. I loved how he made Seren comfortable, how he made her happy, he made her come alive. He showed there is more to this world, not only by showing her the various parts of the ship that were beautiful and she didn’t know, but also by giving her love and happiness.
Their scenes together (the happy ones at least) were just lovely and I was so happy for both of them.

And yes, there was instalove. A trope I generally hate to death, but in this one? I don’t know, it didn’t feel weird, forced, or out of place, if anything it was quite nicely done. Yes, the whole I love you part was a bit too fast for my liking, but I couldn’t hate it.

Insert her intended man, and boy I did hate that guy from the beginning. I am not sure how to explain why I already hated him then, maybe it was what we heard from Seren, but even outside of that he did some shitty things. He did have some nice parts in the books but generally I just wanted to kick him in his balls for being such a dick. 😐

Seren’s sister was also a character I totally didn’t like. Like Seren’s intended dude she had a few good moments, but generally I just wanted to erase her from the story.

As the book went on it became much darker, and I felt so sorry for Seren, for what she had to go through, how she was treated like mentally ill, while she was not. Yes, she may have her issues, but I think anyone would have that if only they just thought about how the system was wrong.

Luckily there is light at the end of the tunnel with an amazing wonderful, but very exciting ending. I won’t tell you what happens in here, but boy, I loved it. I cried a few tears, shouted at things, and then I smiled, laughed, cried some more because it was lovely.

I just wish we would have seen an epilogue. Maybe a few months after what happened in the ending. I would have loved that as I still got some questions left.

Ah yes, and maybe someone should have checked the book. On one page they tell us that they are in year 84 and that there are a projected 262 remain, but on the next page they say: 84 years in a 700 year journey. What? How did we go from 262 years to 700?

Also the world-building is pretty great, I had a nice overview in my head with how the ship could look from the inside. The author was really good at describing the various parts of the ship, and how everything worked.

I think I have mentioned everything I wanted, sorry if my review is a bit chaotic, tiredness and headache will do that to you.

I would recommend this book to everyone.


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