Review for The Mystery of the Haunted Farm

Review for The Mystery of the Haunted Farm

27191320There is something strange in the neighbourhood…. Who are you going to call? That is right the Three Pigs Ghost Hunters! What, that isn’t right? Oh yes it is, in this book at least.

The three pigs found a new calling, they will exterminate and fix ghost problems, not any though, farm-related hauntings is their calling. And in this book they sure got a big job to do. The farmer who called them has not only a haunted farm, but he also has a zombie duck problem in his pond (yes, really, zombie ducks).

But as the story continues things start to stand out, maybe there is more going on than just a haunting. I won’t say anything more, but I think you will see it when you read it.

Poor Farmer Greg was found hiding behind a very very large pumpkin, and I just had a laugh at how the pigs handled a scared farmer. 😛

Haha, at the twist and what happens there. I so didn’t expect that, though I guess the hints were there, but I just was so into the story that I didn’t see those. Yes, some hints are visible, but some hints are just not visible when one is so deep in the story.

The ending was a delight and I was happy for everyone.

One of my favourite quotes: “I ain’t afraid of no goat.” Points to those who got the reference.

The art? I love it! It is fun and colourful, and I love how stuff is drawn.

I am happy that I found this book, I already was interested in Elys Dolan’s works (I saw some on Twitter), but I am definitely going to get her other books.


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