Review for The Prize

Review for The Prize

pony-club-prize-smallThe last book in this series. No clue why they stopped here, the first year is just over and there are still a few years left at the school. It is a shame that this one never got any further. We will never find out what happens in the classes, what they will learn, will they graduate, and many other questions.

So yeah, I am quite sad that it has to end like this. The book was full of drama (mostly silly), annoying boys, but also horses and an apprenticeship that seemed so fun, but we (the readers) know better and are just waiting for our duo to find out.

The apprenticeship was a fun add to the book/series, especially since we didn’t only get Georgie’s POV, but also a friend of hers. I do feel sorry for the kids though. They have school, they also have horses to tend to, and then also have to work hard and at strange hours. Luckily, these kids are made of strong material, but I do wonder how many would just fall apart from doing all this.
I also liked the apprentice ship because it showed a different side to everything, we didn’t just get to see the school (or the surroundings) but we also saw beyond that, and that made the book fun and interesting.

I did love the horse stuff, and I was shocked when that came up in one of the apprenticeships. I never heard of it, but I did some research, and really why would anyone do that to an animal? shivers Some people shouldn’t be allowed to train horses.
For something better, I did love the jumping and that the girls did try to find time to tend to their horses and get better at jumping. Go girls! That is sure some dedication.

The whole Riley x Georgie? Sorry, I didn’t like it. The rare moments that they clicked were sweet, but generally I was just pissed at Riley for being such a dick about stuff. Maybe you have all the time, but please understand that some people have busy schedules. I can imagine it might not be fun, I can imagine it might be hard. But sorry, what do you want Georgie to do, just drop stuff? Get kicked out? You do know she will get send to England again, instead of staying around do you?
Oh, and why ever would you listen to a girl when she tries to explain something to you. sighs

Conrad was also just terrible in this book, how deluded can you be? Bah!

Kennedy. Well I already hated her, but I definitely hate her more in this book. The crap she pulls in this book. The way she just uses her richness as a power to get somewhere. Horrible. I do hope that when she gets to real life something will happen that will kick her down a notch or two. Maybe not nice, but sorry, she was just despicable.

The ending was a delight, though of course also sad. I am happy for the character though, and I loved Georgie’s plan. 😛 Good job girl!

All in all, this was a series that I really enjoyed. Lots of fun horse stuff, boarding school antics, and much more. I would definitely recommend it!


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