Review for The Very Royal Holiday

Review for The Very Royal Holiday

28595923The 4th, and I am guessing, the final book in this series. I will miss it dearly.

Of course I will still hope for a new book, but I wouldn’t know what it would be about. The first 3 books were about our 3 characters (and specifically Holly and Anna) getting a Holy Moly Holiday. Something that proved to be not easy. The 4th book, this one, is all about that Holy Moly Holiday and what happens on that one. At the end of the book the vacation is also over and our group has to go back to school. Add to that several loose knots are now tied up with events that happened in this one (one really big one even).

But this book was really good, I was delighted that our group was finally able to go on a Holy Moly Holiday (I still so love the name), but then of course stuff happens and well…. I had a laugh that they didn’t get it until it was practically spelled out for them. I knew from the start (when he started to make music and the kids acted all funky) what/who the guy was. And as the book continues we find out what his plans are and why he is doing all this. (Hint: it is always about a girl. :P)

I also had a big laugh at the fact that it seems that all excess water just flows off earth at edges. At first I thought this would be something like Discworld, but this book’s earth is still round and like marble, so I was curious as to how that would work, and when it happened, I just laughed my butt off. Can you imagine that happening in real life. It would look utterly silly.

The cruise parts were really fun, even if under influence of music, I would still want to go on the cruise, it seems a lot of fun things happened, well, before everything went into space.

Then we also have pirates, and I just loved that they were added. Space pirates! The best kind of pirates there are. \o/ I was also delighted to see how most of the royal kids didn’t mind doing some hard work, they were actually enjoying themselves quite a bit.

Then we get to the ending and all that happens there. I was happy for every party, though for a bit of the end I was sad for Pepino. Poor guy. 🙁

But all in all, I loved every bit of this book, from the characters, to the story, to the wonderful illustrations. I would highly recommend this series and this specific book to everyone in need of a funny, hilarious book with great characters.


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