Review for There’s a Monster in my Fridge

Review for There’s a Monster in my Fridge

31121445Not entirely what I thought the book would be about, it was still awesome, fun, and delightful, but with a title like that I had expected more monsters in fridges, and not just 2 pages (or well 1 big one with an extra flap that you can lift), and it is just the first 2 pages.

Actually the book is just about monsters hiding everywhere, and you can find them. We follow a disembodied hand in a hat who is handing out invitations. Invitations to what you ask? Well read the book and find out.

Each page (1 page spread) is about 1 kind of monster, from witches to vampires. But each page also has a whole assortment of monsters lurking around, and I just had so much fun finding them, spotting them, some where cleverly hidden, while others were easily found.
The monsters varied from creepy to funny, from furry to normal. From brightly coloured to white/invisible (ghosts).

I loved the fact that each page had a flap that you could lift to see what was underneath. I always love books like that, an extra surprise, some extra fun.

The art was just such a delight, there are so many details that you can keep watching the page for quite a bit of time. Sometimes it would become a bit busy with such an overflow of details and monsters, but I didn’t have that in this one, instead I was delighted.

The ending was also fun, I loved how the book did that last part.

All in all, this is one book I would recommend to everyone!


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