Review up for Hana Bôro

Review up for Hana Bôro

978-4091885326Well this was a bit of a disappointment. 🙁

The art on the cover looked quite nice, but the art inside of it just didn’t click with me. I didn’t like it, I found it ugly, bland, boring. And with some scenes the art only got uglier. In one scene we even had a female character who I didn’t know was female until she flipped over and we saw her skirt. That is the problem with the art as well, at times it is really hard to see if a person is male or female.

Luckily the stories are quite nice, though at times also a bit too weird for my taste. I did like that they connected in some way to each other, and that they also came back to a story later on. The stories all have to do with school, or take place at a school. It is a nice setting and it has a lot of potential.

My favourite story would be the first one (with the rabbit/hare) and the one with the old teacher.

There are 10 stories in total, which is a perfect amount, not too many, not too little. The stories are also fleshed out enough that you have a conclusion at the end and that you care about what happens. Which isn’t always the case with books like this. Sometimes the stories end too quickly, or you are left feeling unsatisfied, but not with this one, oh no.

But would I recommend this one? Mm, I am not sure, it was pretty decent, but the art is still not that good. Maybe someone else will like it, but not me.


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