Friday’s Page 69 ~ Witch Glitch

Friday’s Page 69 ~ Witch Glitch

Tiga sighed. ‘Yes, I know You’re my number one fa–‘
There was an almighty screech. The train wobbled; the tracks seemed to bend.
‘Or is it an unexpected thing, like when you realised Felicity Bat had been cheating in Witch Wars?’
Tiga clung on to the side as the entire carriage detached from the track and hurtled towards the gound. The letter was sent soaring off in the other direction and landed neatly in a bin, without Tiga noticing a thing.
The carriage plummeted towards the market stalls below.
‘Fraaaaaan, heeeeeeelp!’ Tiga instinctively cried.
‘I’M YOUR NUMBER ONE FAN!’ Lucy Tatty roared in her ear.
They spiralled down and landed with a CRUNCH on Mavis’s jam stall.

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