Library Haul 12-10-2016

Library Haul 12-10-2016

Hello everyone!

My Library #4 books needed to go back again, so today meant a trip to Library #4 (and of course walking around in the city a bit). It was a fun trip, and I found 8 new Library #4 books!

I also bought a book at the second-hand department of the bookstore (poor book, it really needs a lot of love), and kind of pissed off a bookstore-clerk. I am sure you are asking what did I do to piss off someone? Well…. she was recommending books to an older lady (who needed books for her grandchildren), and she seemed to have some trouble. So I thought I would help, and asked the lady what kind of book she was looking for. She told me it was for a teenage girl, age 16, that she was intelligent, had a boyfriend. The bookstore-clerk didn’t look amused when I started looking for books. And she even made a really not nice remark when I told the lady about Rainbow Rowell books. The clerk wondered if those would really be good enough for someone who is (really) intelligent. I had to hold myself in, so I calmly told her that Rainbow Rowell’s book did feature some realistic things/problems (even went so far to tell them what stuff was featured in the books. But she just stared, and went away to get a colleague. 😐 Happily, the lady wasn’t daunted, and I recommended some other things (including the awesome Salt to the Sea), even chatted with her a bit. She was quite happy with what I recommended, and thanked me. 🙂
It is just sad that bookstore-clerks act like this, and even openly dismiss books. Just because books look frilly/colourful, sound like the won’t be about much, doesn’t mean they don’t tackle some real issues. I have read some books that looked quite fluffy, but then turned out to be a book with many things to think about, or tackled some real problems/issues.

Back to something more fun, my Library #4 books. They didn’t have many new books, but I did manage to find a few newer ones, and also some older ones that I borrowed from Library #1 but didn’t have the time to read (as I can only have 2 books each time there, and I do want to borrow new books each week).

So here are my new book babies, I can’t wait to read them. Also sorry for the bad quality, I might make a better picture tomorrow, I just didn’t get home until it was darker outside (yay, autumn/winter), and so making pictures is a bit harder than it is during spring/summer.



Days of Blood & Starlight by Laini Taylor
Kook by Chris Vick
The Abominables by Eva Ibbotson
Dreamsnatcher, The by Abi Elphinstone
Bridesmaid-In-Training by Meg Cabot
Unrivaled by Alyson Noel
Bloemetjes voor Jolien by Peter Henderix, Anne Westerduin
Rivierenland 40-45 by Sil van Doornmalen

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