Review for Camp Creepy

Review for Camp Creepy

6691461I am so sad, I just didn’t enjoy this book that much, I was just rolling my eyes all the time.

Our detective, Nancy Drew, falling for something like a curse? Something magical? It just felt weird, I know she is 8 years old, but it just felt odd that she would be so spooked over something that probably wasn’t real. Something that someone just read somewhere. Why would ghosts haunt your freaking project? It is not like you build it as an insult. So yeah, the whole book was about OHhhhhhhh the magical curse….. which turned out to be something totally different (as I already had suspected and expected). Duh, if Nancy had just thought for herself a bit she might have figured it out already, but did she? No.

She let herself be swayed by her friends and people around her. Which is just a shame, normally Nancy is stronger than this and will not fall for tricks like this.

I am not saying that curses aren’t real, or ghosts can’t be angered, but considering how Nancy normally is (in almost all series) it just seemed hilarious that she was so afraid and so believing in this curse.

I also wish that Hannah had been a bit more honest about things, if she just had told Nancy, I am sure Nancy could keep it a secret, or even help out. But no. And that is also different from the usual. Hannah is normally like a mom to Nancy, always there helping her, always there caring for her.

Also after reading the book, I see so much wrong with the cover, I wish the cover illustrator had done the same job of reading this book. As what is on the cover never happens. Yes, the houses that Nancy makes get destroyed, but that happens inside, during the day.

I did like the camp parts, and I wish I could also go to such a camp. Swimming, crafts, campfires, sports, and more. It sounds like a delight, and I wouldn’t mind spending some weeks there.

But all in all, this was a big disappointment. 🙁


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