Review for Corpse Party: Sachiko no Ren’ai Yūgi ♥ Hysteric Birthday 2U Vol.1 and Vol.2

Review for Corpse Party: Sachiko no Ren’ai Yūgi ♥ Hysteric Birthday 2U Vol.1 and Vol.2

This is a review for the complete series.b00f03tlo8

Warning: DO NOT read this one unless you have played the games/read the manga. Otherwise you will spoil yourself (who died, and how) and also you won’t enjoy it as much. You won’t get the little hints to their characteristics, or the jokes that people make, or the tears when people cry, and various other things.

Even I, who played all of the games, read several manga, had to rethink at some parts, it has been some time since I last played the games. But after a bit I got into it and enjoyed it a whole lot.

The manga is about Sachiko’s birthday. She summoned everyone of her victims (either escaped or dead) together for a big birthday bash. For one day Sachiko is reasonably kind and nice. Well. Reasonably is really the word here. 😛 If you don’t do what she likes, it is over for you. Or your friends, who she also conveniently brought to the Heavenly Host school. And that means you will have to participate in anything she says. As I said, reasonably nice. Normally Sachiko would probably have played way different games with you. 😛

This manga is stuffed to the brim with hilarious situations, but also several creepy ones. There is also a bit of fanservice. We have races (where bread eats you), escape games, plays, swimming parties and much much more. It was such a delight to see all that was going on.

I also loved seeing all the characters again, and see some that I haven’t seen in a while. Of course I was just as sad as everyone was when the day ended. We all know what is going to happen now. 🙁 But still, until then I was enjoying the characters getting another day, and even a fun day at that.

It was also a delight to see all the couples again.

The art was also really good. 🙂

All in all, this was one series that I loved reading, and that I will definitely read again someday. I would also recommend it to the people who already know about Corpse Party.


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