Review for Giant Days Vol.3

Review for Giant Days Vol.3

29989615I know this one isn’t out yet, but the separate parts are, so I read those, I just couldn’t wait any longer! This is one series that I really look forward to, so you can imagine how twitchy I am, because now I have to wait for the fourth volume to come out. 😛

This time we got various things going on again. From an election to break-up (so sad!) to camping and to a big decision in the end (which shocked me, but then when I thought back I wasn’t so shocked, it was kind of expected).

Most of the book is about the election and about the previous president’s bad stuff (like that he is never there, that he was chosen only because of him being rich). We see how one of our girls, Susan, totally goes into the election, and does so much for it that she loses the grip on everything else. It was quite interesting, but also sad, to see her tumble down so far. She didn’t even notice anything around her, she was so solely focused on the election. She didn’t notice her friends trying to help her, she didn’t notice the neglect of her room, she didn’t notice her boyfriend at all. And that one hurt the most for me. She has such a wonderful, sweet, caring, manly boyfriend, and yet she does all this. Yes, election is important, but you also got a life outside of that. You need to learn to juggle stuff. I felt absolutely sorry for McGraw. He is one of my favourite characters and he deserves someone awesome. Which I thought our girl was. 🙁

So I can imagine why McGraw picked that solution. I probably would have done the same. I can imagine that my significant other might be busy, but if that person won’t talk, come out, won’t accept any help whatsoever, won’t do anything at all for weeks, or even longer? Yeah, sorry that is not how relationships work. It was sad, but I was also pissed off at the girl for just not noticing it sooner, thinking it was unfair. Yeah, sorry girl, but I am totally with McGraw on this.

Of course we also see our other girls, Daisy and Esther, and their lives, and it was so much fun to see them. To see Esther go to the dark side of the world (aka not sleeping for a few days) to save our election-hype-hype girl. 😛 To see Daisy having to save both of them when they were stranded in the parking lot of a supermarket. 😛

And then the election ends, and by lord, I was so happy that it was over. The result? Haha, I knew something would happen.

The camping trip? Boy, I just laughed my butt off during those moments, especially when Daisy got all in camp leader mode.

Then we also got Eddie and um, well, his little accident. I felt so sorry for him and all he had to experience, girls, but also boys, can be mean. 🙁

We also meet a new girl, a friend of Esther’s. At first I was worried about her. What kind of character would she be? Would she be as Esther is describing her to her friends? Or something else? In the end she turned out to be one of my favourite side-characters and I do hope we will see more of her.

The art is getting better and better and I am just delighted with how it all looks.

The story is also getting better, then again, it was already awesome. 😛

All in all, I can’t WAIT for the next volume. And I would highly recommend this series to everyone.


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