Review for Infection Vol.1

Review for Infection Vol.1

978-4063956146What do you get when you combine Highschool of the Dead with a different kind of zombie/monster? You get this one. Filled with gruesome scenes, ecchi, silly drama, and of course monsters/zombies.

In this one it wasn’t simply one person causing death and destruction, instead all of the sudden people became carriers. Became zombies. Wanting to eat and kill everything in their path. It seems not everyone who dies turns to such a creature (given the fact that various people didn’t seem to rise after death).
The carriers were even more disgusting than zombies. With maggots/insects crawling out of eyes, noses, mouths, and who know where else, it was quite disgusting, and I had a hard time reading those parts. I just wanted to puke. 🙁

Like with a lot of horror/zombie books it starts with an introduction of daily life, then silence (given how our 2 characters popped out of the gym storage and there was just no one, and then poop truly hits the fan and there just won’t be a moment of requiem. It will be a constant watch for everything. Nothing is safe any more. Not if you live in the part of the country that is stuck in quarantine.

There is quite a bit of ecchi, though I have to say it isn’t as much as HotD. Still enough underpants shots (especially due to that Kirari (I believe that is her name) and her constant walking around without a skirt), and also some scenes that were a bit too fanservicey.

I have to say that the author could have used a bit more creativity on our MC’s sister. She looks like someone combined Yuudachi and Shimakaze in one. But I was definitely surprised by her strength. She can kick some serious butt. And she isn’t afraid to tell everyone her opinion on something.

The art was pretty good (with the exceptions of the carriers/zombies).

I did like the story, though I feel that this is only the tip of the iceberg. I have a feeling things will get way way worse. At least our group has a good leader who has a good head on his shoulders. Yes, I did like the MC a whole lot. He is brave, but he isn’t stupid and won’t go into stuff without thinking.

All in all, I will be reading volume two in a bit as I want to know how it continues and if we find out a bit more about the virus/carriers. There are still a lot of questions I have (and not only me, but also the characters of the manga).

I would recommend this book for everyone who is seeking for a good horror book for this October/Halloween month. Be warned of ecchi-ness and icky maggoty stuff though.


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