Review for Infection Vol.2

Review for Infection Vol.2

978-4063956924I finally was able to read this volume! And boy, it is filled with zombies (I will still call them that), sadness, drama, and of course, nothing unexpected, quite a bit of fanservice.

In this book we meet new people, the Fire Fighters, we meet various people that Kaori saved, and we meet a safe haven. It seems that even with all the carriers people are surviving pretty well. I did like the fact that the city kept the electricity and water running so that people who were hiding in their homes could at least live safely and happily (well as much as one can be happy in a freaking zombie apocalypse) while waiting to be saved. Also the fact that mobile phones worked/internet worked. Normally, when an apocalypse happens, mobile phones, everything else dies. In this one people are able to communicate, able to check maps, able to find out several things that are quite handy to have in this time.

I did love the safe haven, though I wasn’t all agreeing on how they were treating the people who got bitten. You see, apparently even if you get bitten you won’t turn into on of those carriers. No, you will die, in a way. In another way you are still alive. Yes, it is a bit vague, but it is interesting.

Kaori. I will put this behind spoilers, even if it happens quite soon, it was a scenario I didn’t expect. <spoiler> God, why did they have to “kill” her off. 🙁 I was already worried when that zombie bit in her shoe, but since she didn’t have any pain, I thought she was just fine. But no, she got bitten. 🙁 She is taken away, but her brother (idiot as he was, I still admired that he would do that for his little sister) is saving her. He wants her last moments to be ones full of happiness, joy, and friends and family. He doesn’t want her to die alone, or with doctors. And I can imagine. The bathing scene was a bit, no, not a bit, very awkward and I didn’t feel comfortable watching it. But the rest was just so so sad. 🙁 Poor Kaori, she did so much for everyone, she was so kick-ass, she doesn’t deserve to die like this. 🙁 I am still hoping there will be a cure one day for the people. After all, technically she is kind of alive still. </spoiler>

This volume also marks a new period for our MC. He is heading in the Fire Fighters Squad. No, they don’t extinguish any fires, they fight zombies. Not kill them (as per rules and all that stuff the zombies are technically alive and they are seen as patients, even if they eat everything and everyone), but make sure that they can’t do anything. So they tie them up and leave them behind for the other crew to pick them up.
I loved this part, and our MC is a perfect fit for this group.

Of course there is romance. I can’t wait to see how that will develop.

Then there is a lot of fanservice. In first place because of that girl who still isn’t wearing a skirt or a pants, but we also get some male fanservice. 😛

All in all, this was a good volume and I really did enjoy it, even though I also wanted to cry at parts.
I can’t wait to see how this series will continue.


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