Review for Jonesy Vol.1

Review for Jonesy Vol.1

I already heard of this one some months ago, and finally the time was right for it.29562589

What do you get when you have a girl who has cupid powers? A really fun, hilarious comic. Even better when those powers won’t work on her (it would have been fun if it had some consequence if she did try it on herself (like another book that I read)). So if she wants something for herself, she has to find a way to do that. Like when she wants the boy of her dreams to come to her town for a tour she needs to make sure he loves her town, or certain other parts of the town. It is really interesting to see her find a way.
Sure, it was sad that she had such powers but couldn’t use them for her own goals, but I think, considering Jonesy, that is definitely for the better. I can already imagine the chaos if she could do everything with her powers.

I do want to know where she got the powers from. Maybe it was mentioned, but it was late and I may have forgotten some details. Is it something that runs in the family? Is it something she just magically acquired?

I loved how she made friends with a girl who was first her enemy. It was really awesome, and it also showed a sweet side to her (sorry, but my image of her was a bit skewed because of her trying to use her powers on herself).

I laughed so hard over her obsession with Stuff. 😛 Even writing fanzines, and doing her best to get him to her town. It was quite cute!

The principal and what she did? I wasn’t all too happy about those parts, but luckily they are only small parts and not that heavily featured.

The art is really pretty, and I love the character designs. The colours are just fabulous and make the story pop out even more.

All in all, this is one comic I would highly recommend.


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