Review for Kimi ni Todoke Vol.25

Review for Kimi ni Todoke Vol.25

27406726A bit less of a fun/good volume than the previous one.

And well, that was actually for one reason. Kazehaya. I did like him when we first met him, I liked how he was later on when he started his relationship with Sawako, but by now I just want to hit him in the nuts for being how he is. He is saying he is supporting his girlfriend, but what we actually see (and also is noticed by others) is that he is actually not doing that. He is distant, he is closed-up around Sawako, and then later after the fight he actually says something mean about her while she is not there. Yes, boy, too bad, she wants to follow her own path, and not just stick to her boyfriend. It sucks, but I am sure in a time like this, with everything possible in communication and also transportation, that you will be fine even if you aren’t together 24/7. Just be there for her, be nice, lovely, show her you love her. Show her you actually care. Give her a hug, take her out to a date, do something. Because sorry, out of all the couples I still don’t believe these 2 are a couple at times.
And really, if it is such a problem for Kazehaya, just be honest with Sawako. Tell her you hate it that she picked something else, hate that you won’t be together. I am sure that Sawako will be sad, but at least you are being honest, and I am sure she will appreciate (maybe not immediately, but later) that as well.

By now I am more and more looking forward to the other couples. My dream-couple of Pin and Ayane. Only 6 months to go, and I do hope something will happen after Ayane graduates. It would be the perfect time, and with all the small hints…. Arghhh. The fit together so well and do hope that one day they can be together.

I always loved Chizu x Ryu, and I so happy to see them get so much of the spotlight in this one. There is also a very important couple of scenes happening, and boy, I was just crying so much. I am happy for both of them. They are my second favourite couple, and I just want to see them both happy.
Chizu really has grown up from the first volume were she was prickly at times, a big tomboy (I loved her for being that), but by now she actually understands her feelings, and she is just so sweet now. She is still a tomboy, but you also see a whole different side to her. The way she comforted Ryu, oh my, I just melted and cried. So sweet!

I am also guessing that either the manga is going to stop soon (as we are nearing the graduation) or (which would be fun) go on to college. But I am not sure, it feels like the loose ends are being tied up. Like the last parts of the puzzle are finally going to click together. Chizu x Ryu are now pretty much solid. But we still have Ayane x Pin, and of course the whole mehmeh stuff with Sawako x Kazehaya. I will be terribly sad if the manga ends, it has been quite a ride, so I will miss the manga.

All in all a pretty good volume, I just hope that Kazehaya gets his head in the right place, or else…
I can’t wait to see these last few months of High School. To see them work hard for college, for tests, for a new story in their lives. It will be exciting.

Also I just have to mention the cover to this volume. sniffles and cheers It is so beautiful. <3


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