Review for Kirameki!! Otokonoko Juku

Review for Kirameki!! Otokonoko Juku

978-4813053972This may seem like a silly comic about a guy being forced to crossdress so he can work with his favourite mangaka, but it is so much more than that.

I would rather say that this manga is a guide to crossdressing. Each chapter features a story (still about the same characters), and then is followed with a 2 page guide about what was said in this story. For instance, there is a story about our MC having to wear a corset/waist nipper to correct his figure (so he looks more girly), and the next 2 guide pages talk about various corsets, waist nippers and other corrective items that one can use should they want to make their figure more girlish.
The story itself also features a heavy dose of information about various objects, and how to apply them.
I really love how this is done, and I think a lot of men who like to crossdress can learn from this one. Nothing against crossdressers, but the many times I have seen guys just put on a costume and do nothing more with it (not even shaving legs)… I am sure they could look totally awesome if they just tried the tips in this one.

I did love our MC. How he started off being afraid, but then later choose to accept it, and even like crossdressing. It was great fun, and while I did feel a bit sorry for him (he does get into some situations with his sensei or with her other assistant), I also saw that he actually wanted this. He actually has fun learning all there is about crossdressing, and really, he starts to look more and more feminine with each chapters that passes.

Our sensei? I just loved her, especially when she went into the dark mode. 😛

There are also some twists and turns regarding other characters, which, in hindsight, may have been obvious, but I was so focused on our MC that I totally didn’t look further.

The art was really the first thing I noticed, and also the thing that pulled me into reading the manga.

I really loved this one. Great characters, interesting topic, hilarious situations. I would definitely recommend it to everyone.


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