Review for Mistral -Bed and Breakfast-

Review for Mistral -Bed and Breakfast-

unnamedThe author posted this one for the followers on Halloween, as a Halloween present. 🙂

I absolutely adored every 10 pages (according to my PDF reader at least) of it. Of course, it is a bit of a typical horror, the girl gets warned, but doesn’t care (like in all horror movies/books), goes to explore, and well…. you will have to read it for yourself to find out what happens to the girl.

I did like the girl, even though she was a bit stupid. Her blog, and what she does? It was pretty fun, and I wouldn’t mind reading it. See her reviews, read her tales of hauntings (fake or real).

I loved how it already gave vibes of creepiness, right from the start. The woman who handles the hotel comes in with a dead chicken, and then at night there are a lot of things that go bump in the night. Her warning was pretty clear, and I can see why. At least she was kind enough to warn people.

It is only 10 pages, but it was very well written, and the story is wrapped up neatly. Sure, I have some questions, but overall, not many short stories get it all right. Oftentimes it leaves you confused, wondering, at times even angry. But not this one. It is short, effective, creepy as hell.

So this is the perfect Halloween read. Creepy people, a spooky hotel, things that go bump in the night, what more could you want on this day? 😛


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