Review for Nasreen’s Secret School: A True Story From Afghanistan

Review for Nasreen’s Secret School: A True Story From Afghanistan

6379158My ninth, and last, book for Banned Books Week.

This was just a heartbreaking, beautiful picture book about war in Afghanistan. It is told from the POV of the grandma. Who sees her son being taken away, who sees her son’s wife go after him and never return, who sees the despair and sadness take place in her granddaughter Nasreen. She does something that doesn’t seem much, but is a huge deal for Nasreen in the end, she makes sure Nasreen can go to school.

Of course it being strictly forbidden for females to go outside alone, to study, to learn, to work, to do anything really, so they have to do it sneakily and stealthy, hoping and praying that they never will be found out.

I felt so sorry for Nasreen. She doesn’t have much, only her grandma. Her parents are gone, who knows where, and all she can do is sit at home. Until her grandma makes that wonderful plan, and even then it took a long time for Nasreen to finally open up, to finally trust the world a little bit more.

There was just one thing that I missed, maybe it was never found out (knowing how the stuff there goes), but I do wish we would have seen how it ended up with Nasreen’s parents. Are they still alive? Are they in some kind of jail? Or are they dead? I just missed that bit of closure.

But I definitely was impressed by this book, and I loved it. I am glad I picked this one to be one of my Banned Books Week books.

I would recommend this book to everyone!


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