Review for NEW GAME! Vol.3

Review for NEW GAME! Vol.3

978-4832246560Haha, it is funny how little of the manga story we have had in the anime. Oh well, good news, as that will mean we can have an S2 some day. 🙂 This one is totally new, and all about the new game that Eagle Jump will be making.

We have competitions, switching careers (or at least titles), a new game to plan, Hifumi who is slowly starting to get more and more social, and less and less being afraid to talk about things, then we also have a vacation trip with the team to Hokkaido. Yes, this volume is stuffed to the brim!

I also did like the added tension between Yagami and Aoba. Don’t get me wrong, tension isn’t good, but in this case it is. Yagami has to learn that while she is still awesome, someone might be a bit better, or the staff might like their design better. She has to learn not to vent that frustration towards other people, and to be accepting. There is always next one + you can just do your best on this game and show people what you can do.

I also felt for Aoba, she is now the CD, and she has no clue what to do, how to do it. She feels at times like she is useless, and I can kind of imagine why. She just wants to help, she wants people to ask her for help, but no one does, and if they do, she doesn’t know what to do. Don’t worry Aoba, you will learn! You have only been here for about a year, you still are young and new!

It was interesting to see the new game, and I wouldn’t mind playing it. 😛

Nenechi is also learning something special, I guess we will see more of it in the next volumes. I am kind of curious about it, though I will probably never like the character. Maybe if she started acting more like her age during work, during responsibilities, maybe I would like her more. But now? No.

The vacation trip was a delight, I had a laugh at Aoba making snowmen everywhere and even talking to them. 😛

All in all, a delightful volume, and I can’t wait for volume 4 to be done.


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