Review for Ottoline and the Purple Fox

Review for Ottoline and the Purple Fox

29767536Ottoline is back again! With new adventures, new friends!

I have been looking forward to a new Ottoline book for some time, so imagine my delight when my wish came true! 6 years after the last one a new book has arrived. This time it is all about Ottoline’s party, and the new friends she makes while planning for it.

We meet 2 Foxes, a girl who looks like Ottoline (and even has a hairy friend just like Ottoline has), it was just a delight. I was a bit looking forward to some sort of twist though as to why the girl was so similar to Ottoline. But nothing really happens with it, the only thing that happens is that they are both amazed, and keep saying the same sentence.

The foxes, well I mostly liked the girl one. The boy one was just enormously cocky and I didn’t particularly like him. He was just so into the touring thing, that he didn’t even notice anything around him.
I did like the fact that the foxes could live in such a small and tiny space. It was great fun to see how they decorated, how the inside looked. Like a miniature house.

I loved the tour part as it showed a new side to the city/town and also the various creatures that apparently lived there and you totally didn’t expect.

The party was also great fun, good job Ottoline, that was really sweet of you and you friends to do. Hopefully those two will be very happy.

I loved how Goth Girl made a cameo in this one, and I loved how Ottoline dreamt of Goth Girl. I wouldn’t mind having a book with both characters in it. 🙂

The art was again a delight.

There is just one thing that I am still hoping for. That we will meet Ottoline’s parents once. Even if it is a flash-visit, I would still love to see them come home.

All in all though I loved this book a whole lot, and I hope that Chris Riddell will make many more. I would highly recommend this one.


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