Review for Say Her Name (Re-Read)

Review for Say Her Name (Re-Read)

18621200This will be my old review with new comments. 😛 Old parts of my review are in bold. The newer parts are in normal font. I thought this would a fun new way to do things. 😛

I love books about Bloody Mary, one of my favourite urban legends.
Yep, I am still seriously in love with Bloody Mary and her legend. I love how a lot of books always come to the same basis, but then flip things around. It is really fun since you know that something is bound to go wrong when they do x and y, but you have no idea what the writer will do this time when Mary is summoned.

This time we have a more modern Mary, as in 1940/50’s. The name stays the same, and also some of the back story, but a lot is quite new.
Still loved that this happened. Often Mary is quite a bit older, and a modern one is even more fun. I wouldn’t mind a Mary from this age though. Can you imagine the havoc she can wreck. It is a bit like the Ring. Can you imagine if our girl from the well might know about internet? Or spam? Or phishing. 😛

The main character was a bit annoying though with her Caine this and Caine that, and more Caine swoon. It just got a bit boring and I noticed I started to just skip through the things. Yay! Nice for you that you got yourself a hot new boyfriend, but come on people, you have 5 days left of your little life, now is not the time for hooking up and kissing. And I still don’t see why Caine fell in love with our main character, especially not after what the main character is sprouting about herself. I mean, my mental image of the girl wasn’t that good, not with the boohoos about it and such.
I however did love her for her loyalty, for sticking to her friend Naya and trying to save the girl. They really have a wonderful bond, and I do hope that bond lasts outside of Highschool.

Haha, I am trying to imagine the me of 2 years ago saying all this. 😛 I would love to tell her that she won’t have that problem with a re-read 2 years later. That in fact she will love the MC, and that she will love Caine. That she will like the romance. That she will be rooting for them. 😛
Yes, during this re-read I was just happy with the romance. I felt it wasn’t a problem that they were kissing, or exploring their relationship. If anything, it fitted perfectly. It gave a bit of light-heartedness in the whole Mary-wants-to-kill-everyone-and-oh-hey-she-is-right-behind-you. 😛
I also could see better why Caine fell in love with our MC. She is funny, she has snark, and even though she complains quite often about herself, I could see a sweet, lovely girl.
It seems he would rather have a girl who is really herself, who doesn’t pretend, and who even smiles, and replies back with some fun comments.
Her dedication to Naya? I loved that, and I will always love it, no matter how many times I read it. Their friendship is just so lovely, and it makes me happy to see such a friendship. Especially if you see other girls being mean to each other (like the popular club).

The Mary story took some starting up, and was at the beginning terribly boring/slow and I considered dropping the book a few times. Luckily that I didn’t, because when the whole Mary business starts I couldn’t drop the book. The creepiness takes some time to settle in, but when it starts to pop up I was scared out of my mind. Yay, for reading this in the late evening when it is dark and I am alone in house. Yep, not going anywhere at all but the room I am in!
Yes, it was that scary. There are several instances that Mary shows herself (in school, in mirrors, in the dark of the night and in your bed). It was absolutely terrifying and I was checking around me to see if there was something.

Yes, it started a bit slow, though I didn’t have the whole I-want-to-drop-the-book-a-few-times problem that I had during the first read. Maybe also because I knew that it would get creepy very soon. Yes, even after two years I could still remember several things.
When it truly started it was indeed creepy, scary, and so much more. Like the first read, I was also checking around myself to make sure I was alone. Also a big big NOPE to mirrors.

I loved the Mary background story we have in this book. We find out what happened to Mary during her school time, and when she disappeared. And wow, what a rollercoaster ride that was. Poor Mary, however, I should warn you, nothing is what it seems. Be warned.
Same feelings as I had the first time. The ending was still a bit of a shock to me, even though I vaguely still remember it. Indeed, nothing is what it seems with Mary.

The ending gave me dual feelings. On the one hand I was delighted by this ending, so creepy and it paved the road for a second book! On the other hand I was disappointed, I didn’t really expect this to happen and I was hoping for a certain ending to happen.
Yep, still those dual feelings when I got to the end. It feels a bit inconclusive, and I do wonder if everyone is now truly safe or if there is something more going to happen. I guess there never will be a second book, though I definitely would love one.

Oh and definitely a lot of plus points for this gorgeous cover!
Yep, definitely loving the cover to bits. It is just such a perfect cover. I love how it matches with the story, and you can just feel the creepiness crawling out of the cover.

I would really recommend this book, just be warned, the first pages are a bit boring but as soon as the story picks up pace, be sure you are in a room with lots of light because you ain’t gonna sleep any time soon.
Hear, hear for this! Mary will creep you out. You will be rooting for our MC, and her friends. This is really a perfect Halloween read. Plus, who can resist a good boarding school story that also features a very scary, and dedicated, ghost.


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