Review for Solutions for Cold Feet and Other Little Problems

Review for Solutions for Cold Feet and Other Little Problems

28588173I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

Well, it seems I am having no luck with picture books ARCs this time. Not only this one, but the previous one wasn’t that good, and/or didn’t meet my expectations. Both books were books that really looked fun and interesting. 🙁

This one was boring, bland, and I also had expected a bit differently. The solutions were silly, the problems even sillier. I was annoyed with the little girl, especially at first, with how she treated her dog. Sure, he is a bit playful, yes, he will eat stuff, yes, you can’t stay inside while it rains when he is outside, but do you really need to look at him like that?
Later I saw a different side, one in which she treats her dog as her friend, and they look really sweet together. Still I would like to see more of that side, and less of the annoyed one.

The solutions/problems follow semi-story. You first have a problem, and each solution is part of a story, in the end you will see a whole day, or part of a day of the girl. I liked that this was done, but, yeah, it did get a bit boring in the end. I wished for a bit more excitement than just daily dilly-dallying.

The art was pretty decent, it is a style I kind of like seeing. However it felt a bit empty at times, I am not sure how to explain this one though. It is just a feeling I had.

Would I recommend this one? I am not sure. The art is nice, as I said, and I did like that the solutions form a story, but there is also enough I didn’t like.


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