Review for Text Fails From Mom

Review for Text Fails From Mom

32294209Haha, this was brilliant.

This won’t be a long review, just a short one to express my feelings on the book.

I spotted this one on Twitter and had to have it, so I immediately ran to Amazon to pre-order it. The cover, the sample pages, they just made me laugh so much.

Of course, one wonders how many of these are real. I can see some of them happening, but some were a bit too outlandish. But then again, who cares if they are real or not, they make you laugh and that is what is important. Plus I am sure many teens will understand the feeling of parents trying out phones and all the chaos that happens with them.

The book is also split up in various themes, and each theme has it’s share of funny texts.

I am not sure which ones I like more, the mom trolling her son’s friends, the mistakes that turn out to be oh so wrong, the too much information ones.

I also read several out loud to my boyfriend who also burst out in laughing. 😛

So all in all, this is the perfect book if you need a bit of laughter.


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