Review for The Forest of Hands and Teeth (Re-Read)

Review for The Forest of Hands and Teeth (Re-Read)

6468718This is a re-read of this book. Not sure if I will also read the rest of the series, but I at least wanted to read this one.

Like with the Say Her Name Re-read I will copy my old review and give new comments. Bold = old. Normal = New.

Why did I suddenly decide to re-read this one? Well, I started with Bright Smoke, Cold Fire. It seemed a bit similar to this one. A city walled off against zombies. The walls need to be sustained, maintained. There are secrets everywhere. Death is everywhere.
Sadly, that book turned out to be a dud, so I had to find this one and read it. Luckily, I got the whole series, I just needed to find them on my shelves.

Imagine a village, in a forest. Sounds lovely no? Now add a fence surrounding it, also add some zombies. Now it doesn’t sound so lovely.
Welcome in the world where Mary lives. A world where zombies took over and the living live in small communities surrounded by fences.

I am still amazed at how the author managed to think of this idea. It is so haunting. The fact that you are always surrounded, always praying, always surviving. There can be a breach any time. Any day your life can be over. Then there are secrets, regulations and much more. I am a bit sad that we never truly find out all of the secrets. How much did the Sisterhood know?

The book was great. I loved the settings, loved the secrets that slowly unfolded.
I didn’t always like Mary, sometimes she was just a bit to egotistical. She is willing to sacrifice a whole lot just for a story she heard when she was little. A story about the ocean. And she won’t stop until she gets there, no matter what it takes. I didn’t like that she couldn’t pick between the two brothers and how she just went from one to the other.

Yep, I am still totally agreeing with the me of 4 years ago. I did find Mary egotistical. It is nice to have hope, it is nice to have faith. But her dreams did cause several things, not all of them good. She could never settle down, she could never rest. She wanted that ocean and she would do whatever it took to get there. Even if it meant leaving people.
The whole Travis > Mary < Harry thing? Urgh. I was just a bit tired of it even 4 years after the first read. Mary loves Travis, Travis is loving her, but not being honest about it (though we do find out later why), Harry loves Mary. Oh, and did I mention that someone else also loves Harry. Yep. :\ Even when zombies are clawing in your life, you have time for a love drama like this.
I didn’t particularly like Harry. Yes, later on, but at the beginning I found him bleh. How he could not see that Mary had no interest in him. That all she saw when she looked at him was a good friend, a best friend even, but nothing more.

I still hope that we will find out more about how the zombies came in existence in the next books, because not many questions were answered.
I would also love to know why the sisters sent Gabrielle to the zombies. Was there a reason? Was she turning or did they just not want anyone to know about the other villages.

While by now I read the whole series, I can’t really remember if we ever got an explanation, it has been too long ago for me to remember the right details. But yes, after reading this one, I know how the me of 4 years ago felt. There is just barely any information on what happened. We do get some snippets near the end when Mary finds a scrapbook. But it is so little it doesn’t really show much.
As the spoiler says, yes, I still do wonder about that. Then again, I also wonder a lot about the Sisterhood and what they were doing, what their knowledge was.

The ending was too sudden. What happened to the other people? Where did she go? Was she just accepted like that? From what I can see the next book is about Mary’s daughter. I just hope in the book they will let us know what happened and not just skip and let us in the dark.
Yep, the ending was quite sudden. I am also curious what happened to the other characters, will they be OK? Will they be safe? Will they live? Also where did Mary end up? I would have loved an epilogue about this new place, about how they accepted Mary.
I can’t remember if the next book shows a peek at what happened to those left behind, but I do hope so, it would be terrible if this is how it ends for them.

Good book for everyone looking for mystery and zombies. 🙂
I enjoyed the re-read more than the first read, so I would correct this sentence with: Awesome book for everyone looking for creepiness, a haunting feeling, mystery, and of course zombies! Brains!


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