Review for The Halloween Hoax

Review for The Halloween Hoax

667684A much better book than the Camp Creepy book from this series which I read yesterday. It does make you wonder though.

This book is #9 in the series, Camp Creepy is #26. In this one no one can convince Nancy that ghosts had anything to do with it. Even with all the “evidence”. However, in Camp Creepy Nancy fully thinks it is the spirits/ghosts that keep on destroying her work. Weird how in 17 books she suddenly is a believer. Again, it doesn’t fit with the Nancy character. Even with all the different series, Nancy is just not a believer, she will always look at stuff in a logical way, believing in science and real facts over something supernatural.

Also I knew the whodunnit from the start. It was just sooooo obvious, and I was kind of hoping for a twist near the end that would tell us it was someone different, but no. Instead it was really that person.

As for all the evidence they found? I just knew straight up that it was not a ghost doing, but something more science doing. I was cheering for Nancy to find the rational solution behind all the evidence.

But I still enjoyed the book a whole lot. It is the perfect read for this season (Halloween) with our crew going trick-or-treating, dressing up in costumes, and much more. The only thing I missed were the pumpkins, but I got enough from those in the other book I read a few days ago. 😛

Poor George though, no one figured out her outfit. I guess next year she will have to make a better outfit.

The dad was pretty awesome, as he always is, he is sweet and caring, and totally supports Nancy with her cases. Of course there are still rules she has to follow, but he is pretty happy to help out if she needs a hand, or a vehicle to bring her to a place she can’t walk to (because of the rule she has to follow).

All in all, this was a fun book and I am happy I read it!


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