Review for The Pumpkin Patch Puzzle

Review for The Pumpkin Patch Puzzle

13544471After a disappointing other Nancy Drew book (from a different series), I was a bit worried about this one.

But it turns out I didn’t have to worry, as this one was just such a delight. All kind of suspects, the girls don’t go check them out one by one, instead they have a list and they keep their eyes out for clues, for things that are off. It was so much more fun, and so much more exciting than the other book. You kept wondering who the suspect was, and while I had a few suspects, every time they found new evidence I had to reconsider if my suspects were still suspects.

I also picked this book because of the pumpkins. It is almost Halloween so I thought this one would fit perfectly with my Halloween 2016 books. It also has mystery, so it fits even more. 😛

This time our girls meet a new friend (didn’t like her much at the beginning, but I later started liking her more and more as the story went on and we found out some stuff about her life), and are going to participate in a competition. I really loved the festival and I wish I could have gone with the girls. Lots of food that are unknown to me (fritters, or deep fried apples and other stuff) that I want to try out. I want to see the events, and of course I do want to participate in the pumpkin decorating thing. Even though I never done any pumpkin carving, so I probably will not do well, but hey, as long as it is fun that is the most important to everything. 😛

I didn’t particularly like the adults in this one. Nancy’s dad, and her housekeeper were really fun, but I didn’t like the others. They were mean and dismissive. Yes, maybe it is a case for the police, but let those kids also do a bit of fun sleuthing. Especially with the ending. I guess those adults learned that kids are awesome too in finding things and solving mysteries.

The illustrations are a bit meh. They just don’t fit the style of the book. Still it was fun that they added illustrations to the book, it gave the book something extra.

All in all, I will be soon reading the next book of this series that got delivered at the same time. 🙂


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