Review for The Storm Whale in Winter

Review for The Storm Whale in Winter

31279386Such a wonderful sequel! Again beautifully illustrated with a sweet, heartwarming story!

This will be a short review.

I never expected that The Storm Whale would get a sequel. Sure, I hoped seeing the whale again, but I never expected we would get a whole new book! So I am absolutely delighted, and the story was once again absolutely adore, cute, and heartwarming.

This time it is winter time (duh, given the title). Noi is still looking around for his whale, hoping he would spot him, but so far he hasn’t had the luck. I felt sorry for Noi, he cares so much about his whale, and misses him immensely.

Noi was also very brave, because when his dad disappears during the last fishing trip, Noi goes off to find his dad. And what happens then it was wonderful, adventurous, but also very sweet as we have a reunion happening. <3 <3

The ending was really sweet, and I was so happy for Noi, for his dad, for the whale! Yay!

It was also fun to see all the cats again, and to search for them in the illustrations. <3

The art was beautiful, and perfect. I love the colours!

Highly recommended! But be sure to read the first book, otherwise it will be a bit confusing, plus you would miss out on the feels!


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