Review for Wicked Dead

Review for Wicked Dead

32478323I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

So I had spotted this book not that long ago, it was the main reason why I went out to buy the first book. Of course, after the first book turned out amazing, I just had to request this book at Netgalley so I could read it.

I was actually planning to read it during the day, but I couldn’t sleep last night, so instead I went and read this book. After 2 hours, and by then it was just a bit over 3am, I had finished the book, and I wanted more! And sure, I am quite tired now, but it was definitely worth reading it that late and until that time. I just couldn’t stop.

The story continues right were it left off. Well, almost. 😛 Our group of adults, and our Mc and his friends and sister are now all free, but on the run from the government and people who want to test on the perfect immunity of our MC and his sister.

Right from the bat someone dies. No spoiler, it happens on the first few pages of the book. And that person won’t be the last one to die.

I must say that while I was quite happy with the adults in the previous book, I was pissed off at most of them in this one. How they treated our little group of teens and kids, it was just bleh. Come on, these are the kids that survived almost a week ALONE in the world of the zombie apocalypse, and you look at them like they psychopaths. 😐 You treat them as dangerous. While you should be thanking everything that your kids survived, that they picked up skills, that they became so awesome. And you treat them as if the zombies aren’t around, as if you need to protect them, but hey, they can handle themselves just right. But then again, this is a recurring theme in zombie books. Kids doing fine on their own, but as soon as the adults pop in they disregard everything the kids have done and treat them like they are nothing. Like they can’t even do anything on their own. 😐 Or they treat them as if they are damaged. Duh, hello, it is a zombie apocalypse, no one is going to be undamaged. Everyone has either marks outside, or marks inside of them.

Phew, I had to get that out of my system. There is a lot more happening in this book, including our testbunny adults getting sick, and then certain things happening. I was terribly sad at all that happening, and I was just hoping that everything would be fine. I won’t spoil anything, but it was quite heartbreaking to see them go through this illness. 🙁

Then we have the whole, you can’t trust people any more, you never know what is going on with them. Some are too shell-shocked, some are paranoid, some just broke beyond reason. 🙁 It is sad, but everyone has to be extra careful when helping someone out.

The helicopter people? I just got a bit annoyed at it all, and also the fact that our little band didn’t even go that far away from where it all happened. I know that it is hard to go to places, but really, it was just ridiculous that they barely moved around. Of course there was the illness thing, but before that happened they could have gotten a bit further away than just a few villages. 😐

The Walmart and all that happened there was interesting and it brought a nice twist to the story.

I loved the ending, even though I do worry what will happen to our twins. I hope they will be fine.

The zombies and them going up in flames, and exploding? I still love that! Of course, bullets would be easier (less flammable), but this is more fun.

Tripp, he is still an idiot, but you see that he is trying his best to understand, his best to be there for his girlfriend. His best to survive. And yes, he still makes a few mistakes, some stupid comments, but he is much much better than in the first book. He makes some great decisions in this book, and he was so sweet and protective.

Trina and Prianka? I loved both of them, they are kick-ass girls, though Trina really needs to learn how to control her anger a bit more. thinks back to several situations that could have been prevented had our girl done some thinking before going into action

All in all, I really enjoyed this book, and I can’t wait for the next one.


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