What I Hope To Read November 2016

What I Hope To Read November 2016

Hiya everyone!

Boy, can you believe it is already almost November? I know I can’t. And yes, I know I keep saying this kind of stuff in these posts, but really, it amazes me how fast the year is flying by. The weather here is definitely going for autumn/winter though. The trees are now truly losing their leaves (after some trees went to beautiful fall colours), and it is colder and colder with each day.

I frankly can’t wait for more cold. It is so lovely to snuggle up with a warm blanket + a good cup of tea or hot chocolate and read. Plus points it is raining or snowing. That makes it even better. Now if only I had a fireplace, that would be even more perfect. 😛

Not that many pre-orders this month, and also not that many books I want to read. For some reason some months are calm, while others are a tide of books that will drown you if you don’t watch out. Still I can’t wait for the books that come out this coming month. Plus it does give me time to catch up on some older releases. 🙂





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