Blog Tour + Review for Pee Wee The Christmas Tree

Blog Tour + Review for Pee Wee The Christmas Tree

Hello everyone!


I am proud to be part of this Blog Tour, and for that Blog Tour I was able to read this sweet, and perfect for the coming season, book.

51h2perm7lI received the book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

I already liked the book before I read, and I can say that I like the book even more afterwards.

The book is about Pee Wee, a tiny tree in a big forest. Each year he wants to be selected to be sold, but each year he gets skipped over. Why? Well as I said, he is tiny, he is just crowded by the other trees. I felt sorry for Pee Wee, though on the other hand I think he should have been thankful that he wasn’t picked. After all it is a one time job generally. But on the other hand, I can imagine that one would also want to bring joy to a family.

As that is what trees do (and I really can’t wait to put up my tree, not a real one (due to reasons), but still beautiful all the same), especially Christmas trees, bring joy, bring happiness, and shine brightly.

Pee Wee does get cut down, and I kind of liked that the author didn’t mention a reason, even said that no one knew why. It is much better than to just make up some bad reason.

Poor Pee Wee though, his tale at the store reminds me of when I was a kid and searching for trees, the biggest, the best trees would always be off soon, but you would see some tiny trees left behind. I remember thinking that I hoped those would also get a home.

What happens afterwards? I loved it, and I was so happy for Pee Wee. He definitely deserved all of this and more. Though, as an adult, I guess I can’t think of what happens after Christmas. I am thankful that kids themselves probably won’t question it, or ask about it. Though maybe the really curious ones will.

The art is pretty decent, not really a style I like. Pee Wee looked a bit dopey, but that added to his charm. 😛

I loved the message of the book, keep on believing in your dream, and one day it might just come true.

All in all though, this is one book I would recommend for Christmas. I am sure kids would love to know about Pee Wee and see his journey to becoming a Christmas Tree.


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