Book Haul 5-11 2016

Book Haul 5-11 2016

Hello everyone!

So today was a very good day in the city of Library #3. At the first book store I got 2 second-hand books, and 1 new book. At the other book store I got 1 second-hand book. 4 new books, that I can’t wait to read! Especially the new book is becoming a favourite, and I only read a few pages here and there! 🙂

First book on the stack is from book store #2 (as I will dub it), the other 3 books are from the first book store (the first two are the second-hand ones, the last one is the new book).



A Small Free Kiss in the Dark by Glenda Millard
We always get our sin too by Maarten H. Rijkens (actually paperback, but I am didn’t feel like adding it after all the library books that I had to add)
Jake and Lily by Jeffrey Spinelli
De Man Zonder Gezicht by Andreas Palmaer

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